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Sonia Dorado

Come Together – Sonia Dorado

Sonia DoradoSoloist: Sonia Dorado
Flamenco Guitar: Daniel Yagüe
Bass: Nuno Monteiro
Edition, and music arrangements: M. A. Varela & Miguel ÁngelMartín Del Rincón
Chorus-singers: Nikki García, M. A. Varela & Sonia Dorado,
Images and Video edition: Sonia Dorado

website soniadorado.com

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Lullaby of Istanbul

Lullaby of Istanbul

Lullaby of IstanbulLullaby of Istanbul for Solo Cello
composed & performed by Nicola Tait Baxter
Written in June 2019

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Havergal Symphonies 10 & 21

Havergal Brian Symphonies Nos 10 & 21

James Loughran & Eric Pinkett conductors
Leicestershire Schools Symphony Orchestra

UKCD2027Havergal Symphonies 10 & 21


1 Symphony No. 10 18:07
2 Symphony No. 21: I. 6:41
3 Symphony No. 21: II. 7:58
4 Symphony No. 21: III. 3:52
5 Symphony No. 21: IV. 10:37


Charlie Chaplin

A recording by Clive Westlake.

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Zoot Money – The Book of Life… I’ve Read It


Featuring seven new songs co-written with producers Mark and Steve Owers, and ‘Sunny Skies’ written by Mike D’Abo, Zoot is very much back in the groove.

  1. Mr Money
  2. Still Alive
  3. Sunny Skies
  4. Liberty
  5. Jack Tar Blues
  6. It Could Be That Way
  7. Wouldn’t You Just Know It
  8. If Age Brings Wisdom
  9. Big Time Operator (Re Visited)

Handwritten lyrics available as a download

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This long lost classic rock album has long been sought after by fans of traditional, melodic hard rock for many years.

Featuring the writing and playing talents of Mark and Steve Owers, twins hailing from the south coast of the UK, they brought in vocalist Steve Grimmett to add the finishing touch to this collection of high quality, anthemic music.

Originally released on Music For Nations the album received rave reviews from the rock press of the day and while selling reasonably well in the home market it was a huge success in Japan.

Sadly outside influences had a debilitating effect on the band and the original line up underwent an acrimonious split with the twins and remaining members going their separate ways.

While Mark and Steve currently forge ahead with their new outfit Danze Macabre they are pleased and proud that their electrifying debut release is finally available again.
Kevin McDempster Journalist

  1. Had Enough 4:42
  2. World of Pain 4:50
  3. Ready or Not 3:25
  4. So Cold 5:35
  5. Can’t Believe 3:50
  6. Portrait 6:42
  7. Living in a Fantasy 4:06
  8. Stealer 3:59
  9. All I Need 4:35
  10. Have Mercy 4:00
  11. Going Down 3:25
  12. Good Enough 4:19

Produced & mixed by Mark Owers and Robin Black

Cover illustration taken from an original painting ‘Pandora’ 1989 by Steve Webb

All songs words & music Mark Owers & Steve Owers

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